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Consumers are afraid of skydiving primarily mainly because There are plenty of myths related to it in the popular lifestyle. These quite a few inaccuracies which have been propagated are the most significant cause for skydiving worry. Here are 4 of such myths along with the true clarification.

Myth one: Throughout absolutely free tumble you may’t breathe

Point: Breathing for the 스포츠중계 duration of cost-free tumble can be done, Opposite to just how persons have a tendency to Consider. If respiratory wouldn’t be probable the skydiver wouldn’t be capable of open the parachute since they can be unconscious.

Myth two:A conversation is often held in the course of absolutely free drop.

Reality: This may very well be doable in motion pictures however it is strictly Hollywood. The fact is usually that although cost-free falling you could’t hear just about anything as the wind screaming through your ears is too loud. Striving to possess a dialogue in that situations is difficult.

Myth 3: Holding on to somebody that has a parachute is possible, in the event you don’t have just one yourself.

Actuality: This is often without a doubt a Film miracle and it is 99% most likely not to occur. This kind of stunts are actually pulled off but yet again that may be almost impossible and that's due to forces which are at perform once the parachute opens.

Myth 4: You can free tumble for 5 minutes

Point: The cruise height of an airplane is at about 10,000 – twelve,000 toes and Meaning about forty seconds of absolutely free tumble right before opening the parachute. A five minutes slide demands a top of about 60,000 ft therefore스포츠중계 you would want extra oxygen.

Myth five: My parachute is not going to open


Point: There are tons of pure fears about your parachute failing to open but this has become manage with all present day parachutes due to the fact They're now fitted with a device that should deploy the parachute immediately in case you fail to do that oneself. The system is called Computerized Activation Machine, or AAD.

The commonest motives for skydiving deaths and accidents, and that's ninety two%, are blunders in judgement and method. Consequently Should you be properly geared up with the leap and do every thing ideal for the time it requires to obtain to the ground You then’ll love 60 seconds of exhilarating absolutely free slide and Dwell to tell The story.